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  New space needed for customers benefit


PLEASE READ our story on our GOFUNDME page and share like WILDFIRE!!

250,000 people to DONATE a minimum of $1 (one dollar) to HELP us reach our GOAL!

Hello everyone! We are in the process of building a new building (same location) for our pet cremation business as we have outgrown our space. If you or you know someone that would like to help/donate in ANY amount, we would appreciate it and be "fur"- ever Grateful!. We do not want to get another loan, because then we would have to pass the costs on to our customers and we DO NOT want to do that as it is already a stressful situation when our pets pass, and wondering how we are going to pay to have our pets memorialized and keep them with us. We want to keep our fees the same without raising prices. Please share far & wide, around the world, lets go viral!

Share EVERYWHERE our GOFUNDME page and help us expand for our past, present and future customers. If you dont want to donate on gofundme, there are other ways listed at the bottom of our story on our gofundme page. Thank you for your time. And a special THANK YOU goes out to all our PAST pet cremation customers! Abundance of Prayers and Energy Healing to all involved that had a pet pass and we cremated and made an ash container (pet urn) and honored on our website and to those customers that chose not to have a pet urn made, we still honored your pet on our website. All are equally important to us.

With Love, Tracie, Bob, Dutch, Whiskey & Snowman!

With Love & Appreciation

The interview (approx. 45 mins long) is a bit about Tracie, how her and Bob started Pet Cremations and how the both of them care for your deceased pets from when they arrive at Pet Cremations until the customer picks up their beloved pet.
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