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About Us


Welcome to the newest pet cremation service in Glen Richey, Pa. - Clearfield County.

In October 2016, we started the process of opening a Pet Cemetery & Cremation business, we went through the Township, DEP & Air Quality to get all our i's dotted and t's crossed and received the "OK" to open our pet cemetery & cremation business. Well took over and we had to put our pet cemetery & cremation business on the back burner.  In 2020 (Pandemic Year) life slowed down considerably and that made it possible to take the pet cemetery/cremation off the back burner of life. We did an extensive survey and it was decided that the PET CEMETERY WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, as the majority of individuals we surveyed preferred cremation over burial.   We have normal business hours - Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm.  BUT...we will NOT be sitting in the office waiting.  To see us in person, YOU will have to call or text to make an appointment. We are "ON CALL" 24/7-365 days a year which means...If your pet passes in the middle of the night or over the weekend and... you CAN NOT wait until we open during normal business hours, or if you are UNABLE or CAN NOT get your pet here during normal business hours, we will come pick up your pet (for a fee) or you can bring your pet to us at ANYTIME day or night. Just call me (814) 762-0020 as I have my phone right by my head when sleeping, I do NOT hear the dings of messages.  I DO hear the phone ringing....

Our cremation equipment guarantees 100% that one (1) pet at a time will be cremated and you will get ONLY your pets ashes back.  It only takes about 2 days for you to get your pets ashes back if you do NOT order a custom made ash container and there is no one ahead of you. If you get one of our custom made ash containers (Urn), it iusually takes a week (not counting weekends) I start on ash container, somehow I connect with your pet after I have the ashes in front of me. 

Our Team

Below is our awesome staff!

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