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We Love Our Animals (Dead or Alive) & we take pride in giving them the best possible care!

Below are the links to our Pet Cremation services, and the the products that we carry for sale such as

Pet keepsake necklaces/keychains, Pet Pawprints,  Pet Caskets, Coffins; & Customized Urns  -  such as: wooden boxes, jars, lanterns, tins, fancy cardboard boxes, & other containers of unusual shapes & sizes, all customized.

dead pet, will cremate
open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Pet Cremation

We only cremate one pet at a time, 100% guaranteed

All Pets Cremated
Testimonies &/or Stories

This is where you go to read testimonies, stories & reviews/recommendations that individuals have told & want to share.

Keep-Sakes & Products

Pet keepsake necklaces, Pet Hair Clippings, Pet Pawprints, Pet Tombstones, Pet Caskets & Coffins, Urns, Certificates,

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